JSC „Fisanta“ subdivisions in Lithuania:

Fire extinguishing

Fire extinguishing systems are the most complex low current systems. This needs specific technical knowledge and a responsible approach. We have  professional team in this field to deal with complex concepts.

We have experience of many years continuous practicing and learning abroad, so we can design and install fire extinguishing systems in addition to EU regulatory requirements for insurance companies.

We can install  automatic and fixed fire extinguishing systems:

  • With various extinction gases (CO2, FM200, Argonit)
  • With water (sprinklers, drenchers)
  • With synthetic and organic foam
  • Extinguishing of sparks
  • Manufacturing of modular water or/and foam fire pumping stations customized to yours needs (mainly as separate stand alone housing)

We provide guarantees for installed systems. Also we perform exploitation according to regulations and have necessary licenses.

Also we can update and repair already installed fire extinguishing systems.

Producers are providing us with fire-fighting equipment, fire-extinguishing gas, emulsions. We arrange the necessary equipment for the certification of the Fire and Rescue Department, Fire Research Center.

You can see us more like freelance tailoring masters - we meet the most demanding customers desires, professionally solve any security or fire-fighting problem and we are flexible to fulfill customer needs.