JSC „Fisanta“ subdivisions in Lithuania:


In order to always offer you a rational and cost-effective solutions, we are trying to be next to you at the earliest project planning phase.

We are highly up to deadlines to be able to perform most complex projects of our client properly. For us it is very important that your technical systems are durable and reliable.

At the designing phase we  evaluate possible future risks and challenges. Our professional engineers will work for  you to make your visions into real outline-drawings. Using our  knowledge and experience, we are always capable to advise you as soon as possible so your ideas wil become real. We are happy to deal with non-standard tasks.

We can design specific buildings in building groups. Projects we can carry out:

  • electrotechnics up to 10 kV;
  • processes - control and automation;
  • water quenching;
  • gas quenching;
  • fire-fighting with froth;
  • sparks extinguishing;
  • electronic networks (telecommunications);
  • security alarms
  • fire alarms
  • pre-construction and construction organization;
  • construction for  the estimated price fixing;
  • sheets of quotes.

We also provide engineering services of  the project manager for network structures.

Our projects:

  • Shopping and entertainment center "Akropolis", Vilnius, Lithuania;
  • Reconstruction of sawmills, „Stora Ensto Timber“, Alytus;
  • Lower Castle Royal Palace complex reconstruction, Vilnius;
  • Trade Center „Savas“, Kaunas;
  • Extension of the metal processing complex, SC „Vakarų Laivų Gamykla“, Klaipėda;
  • Shopping and entertainment center "Akropolis" extension with Hermitage, Vilnius;
  • Commercial – entertainment centers „Babilonas“ and „Babilonas-2 " in Panevėžys region;
  • Shopping and entertainment center "Akropolis", Klaipėda;
  • Fire and gas leak detection, gas extinguishing system in object FCC-SHU SC  „Mažeikių Nafta“;
  • Completion of construction of the production of ammonia and installation of automatic fire-extinguishing system, JSC „Amitt“, Jonalaukis village, Jonava distr.; 
  • E3 farm of fuel fire-fighting with foam reconstruction, JSC „Vilniaus Energija“, Vilnius;
  • Gaseous extinguishing systems, internal wiring, illumination, fire and security alarms, electronic communications, automation plaaning process for National Museum of Lithuania,  Vilnius;
  • Gaseous extinguishing systems, automation of design work in the Lithuanian Special Archive;
  • Sprinkler system for sparks extinguishing; SC „Klaipėda timber“;
  • 0.4-10 kV outdoor networks and substations, distribution points.