JSC „Fisanta“ subdivisions in Lithuania:

Security systems

The company started its business from low current systems of banks. We work where there is a high-risk objects, we deal with a complex solutions for complex security systems.

We present professional concepts for each level of risk. Fifteen years of experience has proven that our systems are equipped with durable and reliable ingredients for exploitation. There have been no hacking, disconnections of systems, video surveillance "blindness" and so on.

We install the following systems:

  • fire alarms;
  • protection from gas leaks;
  • security alarms;
  • active and passive outdoor protection;
  • video surveillance;
  • access control;
  • internal and external communications.

We offer facilities according to your needs and resources - the world's most technologically advanced and best in present. In order to meet specific customer security needs and special characteristics of complex security systems, we cooperate with manufacturers in Europe and Japan.

Our hardware is reliable and totally customizable. Reach the security through the quality and professional solutions.