JSC „Fisanta“ subdivisions in Lithuania:


We have proven that we know how to solve complex engineering tasks in electrical engineering, marketing and project writing stages.

Working under the competition, we have learned to adapt intelligently to meet the new demands of the market, so we offer the best proportions between price and the modern, hi-tech decisions. We are able to maintain wiselyin sensitive subjects.

We are more like the freelance tailors – we can meet the most of your desires, professionally solve any engineering - electrical problem.

With all the necessary licenses to operate, we design, install and operate: 

  • electric indoor and outdoor networks up to 35 kV;
  • fixed automatic fire extinguishing systems with gas, water, foam;
  • wide variety of low current networks, security systems, including systems of raised gas;
  • variousrange of automatic control systems;
  • internal and external communications.